The last words of people who disappeared

Thousands of people disappear every day. Some are found shortly afterwards; others come home after months. But some disappear without a trace, leaving behind families and friends without answers.

In such cases, many remember the last words of the missing person. They can be used as clues in police investigations, or they can be just a memory, good or bad, for loved ones.

Check out the last words of four people who disappeared without a trace:

1. "They are following me. It's more than one"

That was the message left by young Michael McClain to his boss in a call before disappearing in April 2019. He was last seen breaking up a fight at a party involving a friend.

2. "I'm making dinner"

It was Will Cierzan's last words to his wife, Linda, on the phone in January 2017. He was at home and got Linda's call before five in the afternoon. When she got home, At six, he was no longer there. Both his car and wallet and keys were still in the house. Dinner was ready.

3. "I'll call you back"

Marion Barter made this promise to her daughter in 1997 and was never seen again. She had a normal, quiet life until her third divorce took place. That was when she sold the house in the United States and went to England. His last words were spoken on a pay phone, on a failed call.

4. "I love you, dad"

It was the statement by Chase Allen Lackey, 25, to his father. The last words were spoken after a softball game of which Chase was part, a day before disappearing. He was last seen walking his dog, which also disappeared that day.