Steering Wheel Aces: Check out some unbelievable four-wheel prowess

We have already published here in Mega Curioso a story full of epic accidents, which only read the descriptions to understand how they happened. In fact, in most cases, even after reading the explanations, it is hard to believe that they were possible. With that in mind, we decided to look for videos - some of them already old acquaintances - showing some maneuvers and funny situations involving people behind the wheel.

Without further ado, check out below eight sensational demonstrations of the car skills of some citizens of this world, and tell us in the comments which was your favorite:

1 - Juggling

This video has been circulated a lot on the internet. Apart from showing an unexplained rollover, perhaps one of the most curious aspects about it are the first things that come out of the car. Have you noticed?

2 - What a difficulty!

Someone, please explain to us ... How difficult is it to get around here?

3 - Garage

The video above is another old acquaintance, but it shows a succession of events so unbelievable that we couldn't leave it off the list.

4 - Goal

Who says the job is too small? Just give it a little push here, a little push there, and voila!

5 - This vacancy is mine!

Imagine if you could do it like all the smart guys who steal jobs out there!

6 - By lift

You may have seen more than one person hitchhiking on the tail of a bus but a car?

7 - Better Luck Than Judgment

Are you going to say you didn't expect a hell of a bang during the video above?

8 - What happened there?

True, we do not even know what may have happened! Do you have any guesses?