Watch the biggest firework ever exploded in the world

It's so much fun to watch fireworks burn when you can actually see them and not through any screen. For some reason, all the "magic" of the thing is lost on TV or PC. Still, it's worth watching this video of a fireworks display in Konosu, Japan. They launched and blew the world's biggest fireworks display.

The result of all this was a huge luminous ball no less than 800 meters in diameter. A little more and they would get 1 km. To make this whole party in the Japanese sky, it took a 1.05 meter capsule that weighed over 460 kg.

Looking at these numbers and the video, you may be wondering: how the hell did they throw such a thing up, TecMundo? They used a real cannon adapted for this special task. With this, the city of Konosu entered the Book of Records.

If you just want to see this firework we're talking about, go straight to time 3:15.

Via TecMundo