Scary is little: shark breaks into cage where diver was submerged

Scuba diving amid a lot of sharks is not, in fact, the smartest idea of ​​all, but since today there are those cages in which the diver enters and is protected, all right, right? Well ... maybe not.

The video you will see below shows the dreaded moment when a white shark can simply invade one of these cages. The people around can open the bars and the animal leaves quickly. Not knowing whether or not there was a diver inside, they panic and only reassure themselves when they realize that not only was there a diver inside the cage but he was able to get out, walking normally. Look:

Obviously, this episode reminds us that not every guarantee of security is fully effective. Precisely for this reason, in cases of greater risk, such as shark diving, it is necessary that the person doing this really knows what they are doing and has the necessary preparation to do so. Or would you, a reader who has never dived with sharks before in your life, dare venture into such a "joke"?