NASA Astronomers Detect Dark Square on Sun's Surface

The curious image above, as you can see, shows what appears to be a huge dark square on the Sun's surface. The figure was captured by NASA's unmanned Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft between May 5 and 7, and it doesn't match any football pitch used by giant creatures that inhabit our star. The video below shows the formation in more detail:

According to NASA, the images show a coronal hole, which is nothing more than an area on the sun's surface in which very high-speed solar winds are launched into space. In this particular case, the interesting thing is that this ejection seems to form an almost perfect square in the southern region of our star, and inside it is possible that we could put all the planets in the solar system together - what do you think?

Still according to the space agency, the sequence has been captured with ultraviolet light, and the square seems darker due to the lack of materials emitting light at that wavelength. If you look closely, you will find that inside the coronal hole there are several bright dots, and they correspond to the places where warm plasma is ejected into space.