Death toll from US adulterated vapors increases

Vape, also known in Brazil as a vaporizer, or electronic cigarette, is linked to a series of recent deaths in the United States. What has already been classified as an “epidemic” has caused approximately 23 fatalities and another 1, 300 cases of lung damage.

The growing number of those affected by vape damage has been worrying US officials as the device is widely used for both cannabis and nicotine use.

Possible cause and symptoms

There are no details on the causes and no specific device or substance has been held responsible. Researchers make a possible connection with vitamin E acetate present in cannabis products with THC for vapes. However, not all victims reported using this type of product.

Victims have a disease similar to bacterial or viral pneumonia. Difficulty breathing, lung aches, fever and cough are some of the symptoms presented. The speed of the disease and the prolongation of the harm are among the characteristics observed by doctors.

In addition to acetate and nicotine, there are other potentially carcinogenic and harmful substances in flavored spray liquids. One is diacetyl, which is related to some flavors, which causes bronchiolitis.

(Source: Pixabay)

The vape

The device works by heating the material or liquid to be consumed, allowing inhalation. In the case of solid materials, there is a small chamber called an atomizer, where material fragmentation occurs. An internal battery provides the power needed for the process.

Vape trade and advertising is illegal in Brazil. Use, in turn, is not prohibited. It is not difficult to find the device and other related products in specialty stores or on the internet.

Because it is not regulated, there is no control over the products sold in the country. In the United States, the US government has postponed the implementation of rules and inspections on the vapors market, which should only start to take place from 2022.