Australian suffers car accident and wakes up speaking with French accent

One woman, who was born and raised in Tasmania, surprised everyone after a car accident. She, who has never been to France, or even lived with French people, has spoken with a French accent due to head trauma.

The accident was eight years ago, but Leanne Rowe still maintains her acquired accent with a very rare syndrome known as foreign accent syndrome. Experts believe there are fewer than 20 people worldwide with the problem (only two in Australia). There are only 62 cases recorded in history, the first observed in 1907.

According to researchers, the syndrome occurs when some brain damage affects the region that commands speech. Since acquiring the accent, Rowe has stopped speaking in public and her daughter has spoken for her. She says the situation is not comfortable at all. “It pisses me off because I'm Australian. I have nothing against the French, but I am not French. ”

For her daughter, although the situation is quite curious and funny, the syndrome has considerably affected her mother's daily life. "People look at it from the funny side, and I can't deny it's interesting, but it had a big negative impact on my mom's life."