Australian is challenged on the high seas and jumps on a tiger shark

The ability of the human being to look for risk situations to be able to feel an adrenaline flow in the skin is impressive. Also notable is the lack of love of life with which a group of men, possibly with a good deal of alcohol on their heads, decides to challenge one of their colleagues to jump on a tiger shark in the open sea. This really happened to a group of Australian friends who filmed everything and played the video on the internet.

The insane adventure was posted on YouTube and started to become popular on the net. In the clip, one of the people being filmed is caught defying another man named Brett, who is crouching on the side of the boat. “Take this tiger shark, Brett. Are you going to jump on him? I doubt it. It's just a little tiger, ”says the boy in front of the camera. Brave Brett doesn't hold back and fires, "It's just a man-eater."

Realizing the approach of the marine animal, the friend provokes again. "Here he comes, just gonna rip your arm off, don't be shy, " he teased. The view changes to very clear water, where you can see the shark swimming calmly from the side of the boat. Brett prepares for a moment and decides to jump on the animal, causing shouts of excitement from the companions who stayed in the boat.

The brave jumper rushes back to the safety of the boat, and his colleague on the edge takes the opportunity to take a cockroach from him, telling him that Brett missed the exact spot to land on the little tiger shark - who was certainly the one who was most scared of him. This whole story. On social networks, the group was widely criticized for their recorded attitude, especially by animal advocates.

Via In Summary