Banana-infested bananas cause panic in England

According to The Sun, banana-infested bananas have caused panic in England. According to the publication, a London family found the arachnids in fruit bought from a local supermarket and, after finding out that it was the most poisonous species in the world - as reported in the Guinness Book - was advised to evacuate their residence.

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The British Consi Taylor said she realized that there was something she identified as mold in the peel of bananas, with some strange spots. However, after taking a closer look at the fruit, Taylor found that they were dozens of spiders and that they were spreading across the house's table and carpet.

The British woman returned the bananas to the supermarket, but decided to send a photo of the spiders to a company that specializes in pest control for identification. In response, the company advised Taylor's family to leave the house because they were Phoneutria arachnids.

Potent neurotoxin

Image Source: Reproduction / The Sun

The spider-spiders, besides being superaggressive, have a superpowering neurotoxin that can cause loss of muscle control, breathing problems, paralysis and eventual asphyxiation. They are native to South and Central America and often hide in banana trees and other plants, although they also often seek refuge in clothing and shoes.

Just 0.006 mg of bottle poison is enough to kill a rat, but luckily there is a specific serum to treat the most severe cases. As for the case of the English family, the supermarket paid for the dedetization of the house and publicly apologized, claiming that such cases are extremely rare, because there is strict control over imported products that are marketed in the country.