Bandit tries to blow up ATM and sees crime doesn't pay [video]

In recent times, the number of crime cases involving ATMs and explosives has grown considerably. Many gangs specialize in blowing up structures to steal large amounts of money - often causing entire agencies to be destroyed. But if you think this kind of crime is foolproof: here we have proof that you are wrong.

Over the Christmas holidays, a man decided to use explosives to practice illicit money subtraction from an ATM in Australia - and you think this was 100% Brazilian, isn't it! But as you can see, in a few moments he found that the idea of ​​using gunpowder requires much more intelligence than many realize.

Local Police told The Consumerist: "As for sophistication, it certainly wasn't done by someone with experience." That is, it is quite evident that the thug was probably practicing his first offense of this kind ... At least he quickly realized that crime does not pay!

Via TecMundo