Bar in Japan allows paralyzed waiters to control robots remotely

Anyone who thinks that working robots will only serve to steal human jobs may be wrong. A Japanese anime-themed Eve no Jikan bar is applying a measure to include more people with some kind of paralysis: the establishment has put in place robot waiters who are remotely controlled by employees with ALS or any other kind of damage to the brain. spine that causes some form of paralysis.

Dawn Cafe, located in Tokyo, is still operating in Beta and should be open to the general public on December 7th. The robots that serve customers and are controlled by paralyzed employees are the OriHime-D model, manufactured by robotics startup Ory. They are 1.20 m tall and allow their “pilots” to see, hear and talk to the customers they are serving.

Robotic waiters are controlled via the internet, and even employees who are totally paralyzed and unable to speak or move their hands can “write” messages through special software that “translates” the eye movements of the controllers. Most interestingly, the coffee-inspired anime tells the story of a future where humans and robots treat each other as equals in a special cafe like this - and in this case, it's helping humans see other humans as empowered as well.


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Bar in Japan allows paralyzed waiters to control robots remotely via TecMundo