'Bionic cockroaches' can save the lives of people buried in disasters

Everyone already knows that cockroaches are hard bugs in the fall, so researchers at North Carolina State University are experimenting with these creatures for a very noble purpose. They are trying to control cockroaches with sound transmitters so that they will one day be used to find people trapped by any kind of disaster.

If a building is torn down, a barrier slips or any debris falls on someone from an earthquake, these “bionic cockroaches” would help firefighters rescue any survivors. They could be controlled to dig through the rubble inside and prevent excavators and other machines from doing more harm than good when looking for people in these situations.

As you can see in the video, cockroaches are controlled by a sound transmitter that can give them three commands. You can make them move left, right, or forward. This is not exactly new, as there are several ways to do something similar, but not so accurately.

The project is still in its early stages of development, but it really does seem like an interesting solution for looking for people buried in disasters. The only problem would be if a survivor didn't like these insects very much and came across a bionic cockroach in front of him right on that day when everything was going wrong.

Via TecMundo