Battle of Ramree: Stage of the largest crocodile attack in history!

If you've watched the movie "Shark, " you may recall hearing about the story of shark attacks on the crew of the USS Indianapolis submarine.

This type of attack is not uncommon in war scenarios, where troops plunge into the jungle full of wild animals, or are bombarded offshore with nowhere to run and thus find their destination in Mother Nature's clutches.

Here's what Guinness considers the largest crocodile attack in history.


Where did it happen? On Ramree Island in Burma, notorious for its salt-water crocodile swamps, giants that can reach up to 7 meters in length and weigh almost 1 ton!

The battle took place in World War II in 1945 and was a clash between Japanese and British troops; both were trying to dominate the island because of its strategic position.

After much fighting between the two troops, the British managed to corner the Japanese, who preferred to risk their luck in the mangrove rather than surrender to the enemy. The British didn't even bother to enter the swamp after the Japanese because they knew exactly what was there.


What do you think happens when hundreds of soldiers run aground in the mud of a swamp at night in a minefield of giant crocodiles that carry the lovely reputation of not infrequently dining humans?

After the hideous carnage promoted by reptiles, only 480 of the 1, 000 soldiers entering the marsh came alive, and later only 20 managed to be rescued from the mangrove swamp.

And you, what would you rather? Get captured by enemy troops or try your luck against hungry and giant crocodiles?