Biologists are pistol because of the representations of ants in emojis

Of all the more than 2, 600 emojis distributed, one in particular has annoyed and taken sleep from biologists around the world: ants. According to reports from various experts, all technology giants are mistaken and do a disservice to the representation of the true form of the animals.

The problem would have been spread initially via Mozilla and Twitter. Firefox OS 2.5, 2016, now distributes an ant emoji that was actually only adapted from a termite design. Next, the microblog made its “contribution” by changing the original layout, which according to Tumblr CurlicueCal would no longer have the slightest respect for the creature's morphology.

Samsung would also have its share of blame in the notary's office. “This ant has an unexplained double-jointed thorax and no evidence of a waist. Her four-legged pose suggests she's a centaur rather than an ant, ”the experts rant.

emoji ant

The only one that seems to agree the most is Apple, which is still unanimous. While CurlicueCal applauds Apple's emoji, with "a big, beautiful almond eye" and "a beautiful pearly glow, " others find what seemed closest to an ideal representation as an affront.

"Honestly, it looks more like a spider, " says Joanie King, an entomologist who studies the social behavior of ants at Texas A&M University. Besides criticizing the layout of the little ones, she also has a suggestion for the developers. “I just wish there were more bugs to choose from. Insects are an important part of our world and it would be nice to represent that. ”


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Biologists are pistol because of ant representations in emojis via TecMundo