Bizarre! 9 deaths that follow today without explanation

The mystery of who killed Laura Palmer chases us in Twin Peaks, not for nothing! Mysterious deaths, disappearances, unsolved crimes shake the human head because he has to close the cycles, and not knowing who is to blame for a murder is undoubtedly hopeless - especially the victim's friends and relatives and those who investigate him. !

Cases like the Zodiac killer, for example, are iconic, among other reasons, precisely because they remain unanswered. See some real-life crimes that remain unresolved to this day!

1. Albert Dekker

The famous Western actor was found at the age of 62 in his naked bathroom with a leather belt around his neck and a ball gag in his mouth with his hands tied behind his back. Hypodermic needles were in his arms, and his body was all scrawled with lipstick. The cause of death was officially disclosed as accidental erotic self-suffocation - but how, if the hands were handcuffed?

2. Edgar Allan Poe

After four days of delirium at the hospital, after being passed out in a gutter, the famous writer died on October 3, 1849 in Baltimore. Although the cause of death was a swelling in the brain, to this day no one knows what drove him to this state.

3. Elizabeth Short

The actress whose case came to be known as the Black Dahlia case was found dead and quartered on a wasteland in Los Angeles at the age of 25. Before being left there, all of her blood was removed. Despite the 25 suspects investigated, to date there is no conclusion as to who was to blame.

4. Fenella Lorch

Found dead in a park in Norway with her body burned to the front, Fenella had several passports in her hotel room, so police decided that was not her real name. His clothes were no longer tagged, and anything that might indicate his identity had been removed from his belongings.

Just before she died, Fenella was seen talking to two German military, and a lot of people bet she was a spy. The final diagnosis of his death was suicide - but no one really believes it.

5. Sisters Grimes

In 1956, the 15- and 13-year-old sisters Barbara and Patricia Grimes left home to watch Elvis Presley's first movie, "Love Me Tender." A month later, they were found frozen on a road in Willow Springs. Although Barbara had signs of having sex, it was not possible to determine whether she was consensual or not, and to this day it is not clear what happened to them.

6. Laetitia Toureau

The young Parisian boarded a bus to the city center. When the vehicle reached its destination, passengers boarding it found Laetitia dead with a stab in the neck. She is suspected of being a police informant; Although a terrorist organization took over the murder, no one knows who exactly ended his life.

7. The Somerton Stranger

Dressed in a well-groomed suit and tie, a man was found on Somerton Beach, Australia, in 1948. In the hidden pocket of his pants, a piece of paper with the phrase "Taman Shud" which means " END "from the Persian book" Rubaiyat "by Omar Khayyam.

A while later, an individual said that they had thrown a book in their car - exactly the same title - with the sentence torn off in the final pages and some written sentences with a telephone number. Police located the number's owner and talked to a witness, but she said she didn't know the man; The crime remains unsolved.

8. The mysterious man in the burned out car

In order to get out of debt, Alfred Rouse tried to fake his death by hitting a stranger in the head and setting the car on fire with the man inside. He was eventually arrested and confessed to his crime, but the identity of the dead subject in his place remains a mystery to this day.

9. Tom Thomson

Algonquin Provincial Park was this painter's favorite setting, and unfortunately that was where he died. Or at least that's what people imagine. His canoe was found capsized in 1917 with some items like jam and a sheet, but Tom Thomson's body never appeared.


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