Bizarre: Less than 10% of adopted people in Japan are children

Here's a surprising and beyond bizarre practice: In Japan, 90% of people who are adopted are not children, but adults in their early 20s! That's right, older - and vaccinated - individuals who become legally the children of someone else. However, this madness has a logic, which you will understand below.

Research has shown that in Japan family business heirs are not usually good managers, and on the other hand, when talented outsiders take control, business becomes more profitable. However, according to Japanese culture, it is very important for businesses to be inherited by their children, and adoption was a “little way” found to get around this situation.

Japanese way

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To solve the problem of naming a suitable heir to take over family business, Japanese entrepreneurs adopted boys between the ages of 25 and 30. After all, when you welcome a child, there is no way to predict which career she will choose to pursue in the future, right? Thus, 90% of the people adopted in the country are young adults.

And the practice became very popular because, of the total adoptions that took place in 2004, for example, 98% involved boys around 20 years. Yes, there is more! Because Japanese society is patriarchal, girls often do not have the same opportunities. What's more, in addition to being adopted, it is highly desirable that these boys marry the daughters of their new families.


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In fact, it is not uncommon for families to find a foster child candidate to introduce them to their daughters with the intention that young people decide to be together. This way, in addition to children, adoptees become sons-in-law too! A mess...

Legally speaking, in Japan it is necessary that the “stepfather” is only one day older than the aspiring child, and if the candidate is already married, no problem! The wife is adopted too. Another peculiarity is that guys interested in pursuing this kind of “career” can look for daughters of business men who seek husbands in specialized agencies. Have you thought?

* Posted on 13/11/2013


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