Bizarre: Woman Feels Uncontrollable Appetite for Sponges

(Image source: Reproduction / The Daily Mail)

It is quite common for pregnant women to develop some uncontrollable desires during pregnancy, many of them even unusual. But between the desire to eat sour foods, taste exotic dishes and ingest bizarre mixtures, the will is usually limited to real food and drink. Or not?

Nicole Bonner, a 22 year old Englishwoman, suffers from a disorder known as Pica - seriously! - or allotriophagia, which causes people, usually women and children, to develop an uncontrollable appetite for inedible substances. During her first pregnancy, Nicole had a strange desire for the scent of soap, which turned into an uncontrollable appetite for the product.

To make matters worse, the desire has turned to a compulsion for soap bubble-coated sponges. Nicole is aware that she has a problem, but claims to enjoy eating the delicacy. She has already managed to reduce sponge consumption from one and a half to just half a day.

Other similar cases

Another Briton, Kerry Trebilcock, with the same appetite for sponges and soap, admits to seasoning her "snack" with mustard, pepper or jam, and even dipping the sponges in tea or hot chocolate. This habit has already caused Trebilcock many problems, such as diarrhea, severe stomach pains and intestinal cramps, but she believes that one day she will overcome her compulsion.

Other people with the same disorder often eat charcoal, sand, furniture, and even metals, which can cause serious damage to the digestive tract. The recommended treatment for these cases involves therapy sessions, medication use and vitamins.