Bizarre: American Feels Binge Eating

(Image source: Playback / Metro UK)

Everyone reacts in a way when they feel depressed, don't they? Some can't eat right, others overeat, and there are those who abuse some foods, like chocolate, for example - probably a big favorite for those times. However, have you ever heard of someone who eats rocks when they feel sad?

According to Metro UK, that's what Teresa Widener, a 45-year-old American, does when she's bored. Instead of opening a box of chocolates, she takes a hammer and breaks some rocks - collected during romantic walks with her husband - which she stocks in a special kitchen cabinet.

Stone lollipop

In fact, Teresa says she has ingested more than 1.3 tons of rocks over the last 20 years, the equivalent of an entire humpback whale! And don't think Widener likes any stone. Teresa prefers the altered rocks, the ones that break up more easily, admitting that she loves the earthy flavor of the snacks.

Widener probably suffers from a disorder known as Pica (don't laugh!), Which causes people to feel an uncontrollable appetite for inedible substances, similar to the case of a British woman who can't resist foam sponges, especially if they have Soap bubble cover.

Source: Metro UK