Blergh! See what the birth of cockroach pups looks like

Imagine the scene: you wake up in the middle of the night and hear a little screech of paws moving effusively in the dark. Startled, you run to the light and there it is! A terrible crawling cockroach hiding in the least imaginable corners of the house. Shortly thereafter, the desperation begins to take the poison, the slipper and the shotgun to kill the fearsome pet.

What you do not know is that these insects have been on earth for over 300 million years. Also, they are animals that prefer to seek shelter along with other beings of their kind because they are very sociable - you will see that this is why you never find such a creature alone.

Although cockroaches can live a week without their heads, one hour they end up dying, because without a mouth to drink water they die of dehydration. The respiratory system is made through small holes that are scattered in different segments of the body, so shortness of breath is not a big problem.

The miracle of life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give birth to one of these creatures? In the video below, you can see a female of the Madagascar cockroach ( Gromphadorhina portentos ) giving birth to a litter of animals upside down.

Notice how the animals come out of their mother in a rather disgusting white mass, but soon they become a veritable creeping army. A cheap baby can run almost as fast as an adult, but some species prefer to stay with their mother after one or two days after birth.

In another moment, you can see, in slow motion, a cockroach laying eggs and hatching and turning into small insects. Interestingly enough, the change from larva to pup happens in a matter of seconds. Although the madagascar cockroach is brown, its puppies are entirely white.

If you're brave enough or have just developed a mysterious attraction to the insect, check out the video below, where Mom pours out a liquid that is often called “cockroach milk” - a secretion that, like human breast milk, It is rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates essential for the development of puppies.