Blizzident: The Ultimate Brush That Cleans Your Teeth in 6 Seconds [video]

Are you one of the people who hates having to spend several minutes brushing your teeth, practicing all the movements recommended by your dentist? So the bizarre brush from the video above, called Blizzident, can be a great option.

Created in an unconventional format, the brush promises to reduce all your work to a process of literally six seconds. Just fit Blizzident in your mouth and chew the product (no moving your own brush around here) for a moment.

Made for you

To ensure maximum efficiency, each Blizzident is molded from its own dental arch, manufactured in a 3D printer and containing bristles that reach your teeth at all angles.

But it doesn't stop there: Each brush has several spaces made for your floss - so a single bite also lets you clean between all your teeth at once - and even has a tongue cleaner that can be coupled to make the whole process easier.

Via Tecmundo.