Luxury purses take on unusual formats

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You don't have to be passionate about handbags to know that there is a huge variety of models on the market. To further increase the offer of luxury handbags, designer Judith Leiber has decided to innovate when creating her models.

In addition to working with party bags and handbags, the designer has a line of miniaudières - small bags with a hard finish - that is very different from anything you've ever seen. Inspired by sweets, animals, and everyday objects, Judith has developed pieces in the form of a kettle, jaguar, telephone, ice cream bowl, and more.

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As if the unusual shapes weren't enough, all the mini-audi created by Judith Leiber are studded with colored crystals. The color combination brings the elements to life and further enhances their designs. Singer Katy Perry is one of the celebrities who has ever been clicked using one of Judith Leiber's accessories.

The bags are marketed directly through the designer's website and cost between $ 2, 195 and $ 5, 995 - prices ranging from more than $ 4, 000 to about $ 12, 000. In the gallery below you can see some of the most amazing models signed by Judith Leiber: