11-year-old Brazilian has been on surfing podiums more than 90 times

The paulistana Pâmella Mel got in 2017 another record with RankBrasil, this time of surfer child with the most achievements. At age 11, she has participated in 82 championships and climbed the podium 90 times (for competing in more than one category in each competition), with 29 first place titles.

Currently living in São Sebastião (SP), the record holder started surfing with 6 years. Her first prize came in 2012, with the third female place in a competition held in the city of Itanhaém (SP). This participation gave her the first record as the youngest surfer in the country, at the time 6 years and 5 months old.

According to her, all of her victories were important, but being champion of the ASM Medina Circuit in 2016 is among the top. “Earning the job to enter the Gabriel Medina Institute (IGM) on merit was the reward of hard work, ” he says.

Pamella started competing at 6 years of age

Training and sponsorship

As an IGM athlete, Pamella trains about two hours a day at sea. “Surfing is simply my life. I study and am a good student, but I love surfing. Contact with the sea every day is very good, ”he reveals. According to São Paulo, the biggest difficulty in sports is the lack of sponsorship. “The sponsor gives the sportsman the opportunity to compete abroad, ” he explains.

According to the surfer, the new feat means a great achievement. “This Brazilian title is a great joy for me and my family. It represents each championship played, each victory, the partnerships that came and went and those that are still with me. All done and guarded with such affection by my parents, who mark each championship, each podium. This is speechless, ”he says.

Pamella comments that she has faced several competing sea types and yet managed to climb the podium 90 times. “It's a joy to be the only female surfer to achieve this at my age. I hope this record serves as an example so that other girls can do the same and chase their dreams, ”he says.

She has climbed 29 times on the highest podium

The record holder attends the 6th grade of elementary school. According to her, the sport does not disturb the studies. “Especially because to be at the Medina Institute you have to get good grades at school, ” he says. In the future, the paulistana wants to be a professional surfer, but also plans to go to Marine Biology college. "Let's see how to reconcile this, but at first I want to be in the elite of female surfing, " he concludes.

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