Brazilian prefers dubbed content on Netflix

The Brazilian prefers to watch international films and series without subtitles, but with voiceovers in Portuguese. Who says this is none other than Netflix, the world's largest video streaming platform, according to people at Ligado.

The statement was made during the "Vive Netflix" event, which is taking place in Mexico. There, Netflix Vice President of Products Todd Yellin commented on the work of adapting series for different countries. As an example, he cited House of Cards, a 2013 house hit that was dubbed in just seven languages. Meanwhile, the new Ozark series already comes with subtitles and voiceovers for 25 languages ​​- the platform still wants to increase that number to 28.

Netflix comments that "the more adult the audience, the more people prefer to see subtitles"

On the issue of preference between dubbed or subtitled, Netflix showed some interesting numbers: the show 13 Reasons Why was watched voiced by 84% of Brazilian subscribers, while 16% watched subtitled. However, the platform also comments that "the more adult the audience, the more people prefer to see subtitles." For example, House of Cards has a 50% -50% split between display preferences.

Is that you? Prefer to watch subtitled or dubbed movies and series? Remember that the Brazilian voice acting, currently (and especially in games), is one of the best in the world. Have your say in the comments.