Scary Hole Swallows Backyard Home in Australia

Have you ever imagined waking up to the news that a hole is swallowing your backyard? That's exactly what happened to Lynn and Ray McKay this Tuesday (2): At 9 am, a neighbor warned them that a hole had appeared in their backyard. The bizarre case happened in Queensland, Australia.

At 8 meters in diameter, the sink has gradually grown and may have arisen due to old mines in the region. Initially, city officials were fired as residents believed a water pipe could have burst and caused destruction in the house.

“We sleep late as we are retired, ” reported Ray McKay. “At 9am I woke up with a knock on my door talking about the problem, ” he continues. According to him, no one knows exactly what caused this sink to open. The McKay property has been isolated and they are temporarily in the relatives house. In 2011, the region was affected by floods - the first since the couple moved in 25 years ago.

Couple woke up to news that a hole had swallowed part of their garden