Cachorrinha gives an example of generosity in Rio Grande do Sul

The cold is coming hard this winter. This is why many campaigns try to collect clothes and blankets for people with needs. What about stray animals? Well, in that case, you have to have faith in humanity - or "dogness" to be exact.

On Tuesday (4), journalist Suelen Schaumloeffel published a photo that has been shared more than 12, 000 times: she shows her little dog Lana sharing the new cover with a stray dog. Even separated by the grid of the house, the two little friends show that you can share your most precious item with those who need it too.

Speaking to Reasons To Believe, Suelen explains that she did not expect much repercussion for her photo. The journalist also says that Lana was a street bitch and that maybe that's why she has a more pitying compassion. Already the homeless dog is receiving the necessary care to earn a warm home very soon.

Image caught Lana's generosity

The blatant happened in the city of Ivoti, Rio Grande do Sul, which has recorded temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius this week. Lana had just gotten a new blanket when she decided to share it with her friend, who took advantage of the generosity to warm up at dawn - Suelen tells in the post that made the registration in the morning.

“How many times do we see a similar one of us in need and ignore, we do nothing about it? Pretending you didn't see it doesn't eliminate the problem, but it gives the false sense that this problem doesn't exist, ”Suelen asks in the publication, which has had more than 20, 000 likes.

Suelen and Lana