Dog plays dead not to leave park

Do you know when you're on a wonderful ride and someone says it's time to leave? Needless to say, how cruel this attitude is, and as life is made of learning, today we are going to show you a lesson that a Golden Retriever dog has passed on to all mankind.

If you don't want to leave, play dead! That simple!

It all happened when this man decided it was time to go home and leave Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Your dog did not agree with this and starred in a hilarious scene that was soon recorded and posted on YouTube:

This tactic can be used for many other things:

1. That rainy tuesday morning you just don't want to go to class

"I do not want"

2. When your mom asks if you don't want to go to the market with her just in time for her favorite show

"I'd rather be dead"

3. When someone wants to take you on that Indian show

"We will?" "I'll call you anything"

We hope you all learned the lesson.

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