Dog follows Street View photographer and hits the internet

Google Street View is a service that lets you walk around cities around the world without leaving your home. The coolest part of it is seeing unusual scenes from the daily life of the population.

This week, the story of the dog that chased the photographer for several meters and appeared photobomb in many photos! The images were posted on the Imgur website and allegedly were taken on Ulleung-gun Island in South Korea.

Since Google Street View has not yet reached this place, we can speculate which local services were the ones that caught the canine. In the country, Daum and Naver maps are quite popular, but we have no way of telling which one registered the catiorrine . If you find out, send it to us!

* Updated 16/6 :
Our faithful squire Lorran Pegoretti, who is even living there in South Korea, sent us the link to walk the dog over the map. And really, it's in Daum's Street View. Thanks Lorran!

Check out some pictures of the buck:


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