Coffee for stuffed animals? See the news from Japan! [gallery]

Welcome to the Nigurumi Café!

The animals

... buy and sell coffee packages ...

... and so prepare the drink.

They also hear bedtime stories ...

... and talk on the tables.

Omelettes come personalized with the name of each ketchup pet

And they themselves assemble their plates

Guests can also milk directly from the kitty ...

... and consume with a coffee of those stylized!

There are also delicious red fruit smoothies with whipped cream

Anyone who has pets knows how difficult it is when you have no one with whom or where to leave your little friend during the day while working. There are people who choose to look for a sympathetic neighbor, others who look for day care centers and there are those who leave their animals, obedient and calm, at home, alone. The concern is big. But what about your cute, stuffed animals? It may seem bizarre and indeed it is crazy, but a coffee shop in Japan was created exclusively for them.

According to Rocket News, owners of Café Nigurumi, as the place is called, said 85% of adult Japanese women have a stuffed animal and 60% of these women decorate their beds with them. Based on this information, the breeders came up with the idea by wondering if the owners would not like their pets to be in a place to spend time and eat with friends, as they themselves like to do.

Well, with that, the coffee works as follows: the owners "set aside a table" and send their stuffed animals to spend the day on site - no humans are allowed and toys have a size limit to be accepted. There they have the opportunity to “talk” with other stuffed animals, make friends, “eat pancakes, omelets and have red fruit smoothies”. All this prepared by a local chef - a stuffed snake. Then the cute animals will rest for a while in bed, listening to bedtime stories.

At the end of the unusual experience, the animals are sent back to their owners and, already included in the package, they bring some souvenirs of the trip along with photos of the moments spent at Café Nigurumi. Package prices start at $ 40.

Check out what stuffed coffee is like in the gallery images at the top of the story.

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