Car melts after being exposed to intense heat in Italy [video]

The northern region of Italy experienced a record heatwave last July. According to the country's environmental agency, in the first ten days of the month, the high temperatures of the European summer left about 140 retirees dead. Many precautions had to be taken by tourists and farm animals were even placed in air-conditioned environments to withstand the heat. And an unusual situation in the coastal town of Caorle will give you an almost accurate sense of the gravity of the situation.

The heat was so strong that a Renault Megane car parked near a beach could not stand the heat after several days of sunlight. Passing near where the vehicle was parked, British tourist John Westbrook realized parts of the car were melting. Soon decided to record the situation in photos and video, which you can follow the version edited by the site Mail Online, at the top of the article. When recording, you can see the bumper, side protection rubbers, window frames and soft headlights melting.

Westbrook was astounded when he saw Megane melting. “It was simply the heat of the sun hitting directly on the vehicle that caused it to melt (...) We passed by and didn't believe what we were seeing. Parts of the car were literally dripping on the asphalt, ”the tourist told Mail Online.

John is a taxi driver living in Folkestone, England. He was on vacation with his wife and son, and confirmed the intense heat in Italian lands. According to the Englishman, he and his family ended up spending most of their time in air-conditioned environments, as temperatures were always over 30 ° C. "It felt like leaving the hotel and going into an oven, " he said.

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