Couple adopts mini pig which now weighs almost 300 kg

Since the couple Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted piglet Esther, their lives have never been the same. That's because they thought they were buying a pygmy piglet, but two years later, Esther was already weighing in at almost 300 kg, but despite that, the love and friendship Esther found in her new home in Ontario, Canada, was so great. as the surprise of their owners.

This was Esther when she arrived at her new home (Playback / Instagram / EstherTheWonderPig)

“She's been amazing since the day we brought her home, super smart. We see an intelligence in her that we don't even see in our dogs, ”says Jenkins, who says that even without training, she has learned to open doors, cabinets and even the refrigerator.

But if anyone thinks that only their owners are in love with Esther, famous on social networks, she has 519, 000 followers on Instagram and was named the animal influencer of the year in the latest editions of the 13th Annual Libby Awards - an event that recognizes companies and committed celebrities. with the animals.

Esther is a fully domesticated animal (Playback / Instagram / EstherTheWonderPig)

When she adopted Esther, Jenkins figured it would be like having a third dog, as she had been assured that she would not grow more than 100 pounds. But some time later, a vet reported that it would not be so. “He said to me, 'I'm pretty sure you're dealing with a commercial pig here. She could have 250 pounds, '”Jenkins said.

She is a hit on social networks and her story can turn into a movie (Playback / Instagram / EstherTheWonderPig)

In 2018, Esther was diagnosed with breast cancer to help treat the piglet, her owners raised funds and, in four months, exceeded the $ 650, 000 target with an extra $ 120, 000, which Jenkins said would be donated to other charities and animal rescue. Fortunately, Esther had surgery and is now free of the disease.

Esther's whole story was told in the book “Esther the Wonder Pig”, written by its owners, which can now turn into a movie, thanks to a partnership with Donners, the producer behind X-Men and Free Willy.