Couple travels and discovers babe in suitcase by airport x-ray

They often say that dogs are true to their owners, but cats are true to the house. They even exemplify by remembering that when owners return home, they are greeted effusively by dogs, while cats do not even get up from the couch.

But that's not what happened to the Cooles, a couple from the Isle of Man, Irish Sea, UK. Nick and Voirrey had decided to celebrate their 40th birthday in New York.

However, upon arriving at the airport on Ronaldsway, they received unexpected news. Nick noted on his Facebook timeline: "You know that feeling of being led into an airport security side room ..."

The penetrates

Already thinking "goodbye, Big Apple" and hearts pounding, they went to the security room due to a problem with their carry-on luggage. After the fear and anxiety passed, they had a good laugh. What happened, in fact, was that their sweet kitten found a way to infiltrate their carry-on luggage, only to be discovered by airport security.

The couple quietly expected their bags to pass through the airport scanners, but the boarding staff noticed abnormal activity. Nick and Voirrey had a hard time believing what they saw when their cat named Candy came happily out of a small suitcase just as security personnel opened her luggage to check on the alleged abnormal activity.

The Coole Couple

Happy ending

Fortunately, the airport staff analyzed the situation from their funny side and even arranged for the cat to be taken home so that the couple could catch their flight.

Nick said that Candy cat is always looking for bags, boxes and small spaces in the house to hide. According to him: "Our carry-on had little to do so we could shop. But the cat made a good way to get in and out of the airport we boarded. The security people were tickled and asked endlessly if the luggage was really ours later. that went through the scanner ".