Strange case: man has 10cm 'horn' on his head

Imagine you hit your head and a while later a horn is born where there was once a simple bruise? It seems an unlikely situation, but that's what happened to Indian farmer Shyam Lal Yadav.

According to him, it all started with a "bump" that formed after bumping its head in one place. Five years had passed and the single rooster had turned into a creepy and strange four-inch “horn”. However, since Yadav was not bothered by this fact and, oddly enough, he was not in pain either, so he simply decided not to seek medical help.

(Source: Goal Post Media / Press Release)

The appearance of these "horns" is still a mystery to medicine, however, it is believed that radiation and exposure to sunlight may make the condition more likely. In the case of the Indian, it was found that the bulge was formed by keratin - the same substance present in human nails and hair.

"Initially, the patient ignored the sebaceous callus as it did not bother him, " said surgeon Vishal Gajbhiye, head of the medical team who handled the case. “But when the callus hardened and did not stop growing, he came looking for us. This type is rare and is known as the devil's horn, ”he added.

(Source: Goal Post Media / Press Release)

According to the doctors who treated Yadav, the biggest problem was that he had ignored his condition for a long time. This fact only made the bulge larger and more rigid. The patient had to undergo a delicate surgical procedure to remove the so-called “devil's horn”.

Subsequently, the site was properly treated so that new formations did not appear and, in addition, Yadav was hospitalized for 10 days under observation.