Family cases: doctor lies and uses own semen to get pregnant patient

When a couple are trying to get pregnant and fail, it is common for a doctor who specializes in fertilization to be consulted. First, it is necessary to identify if the man or woman has any condition that hinders or hinders reproduction, and then seek solutions to this problem. In many cases, in vitro fertilization through anonymous donors is suggested.

A woman named Kelli Rowlette, 36, found out the hard way that her parents had fertility problems before she was born: on a DNA test, she found out that her real father was the doctor who did the treatment! Call the Mouse that the breath is guaranteed!

The Ancestry DNA company performs analyzes to identify possible relationships between distinct and unfamiliar people. Kelli sent a sample of saliva to the company, after ordering the collection material over the internet, and found a perfect match between her and a man who lived more than half a mile from her home.

in vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization is choice for couples with pregnancy problems

The man in question was retired obstetrician Gerald Mortimer, whom Keli had never heard of. Upon further investigation of the story, the woman found that her parents sought out Mortimer to find out why they never got pregnant. The doctor was thoughtful: his father had a low amount of sperm.

To solve the problem, Mortimer suggested artificial insemination: Keli's father's semen would be mixed with that of an anonymous donor to increase the chances of a sperm fertilizing a healthy egg from the woman's mother. The couple agreed as long as the donor looked like their father, that is, being young and having brown hair, blue eyes and over six feet.

Fertilization was a success! Keli was born after a healthy pregnancy, and Dr. Mortimer followed her first steps until she moved with her parents to another state. The doctor knew the truth and wept at the news, but did not reveal that he had mixed his own semen in fertilization and that he knew that Keli was his daughter. And such a donor would remain anonymous if Keli had never gone after his origins - out of curiosity rather than distrust of something.

Mortimer Doctor

Dr. Gerald Mortimer is already retired

When Keli's parents saw the result of the exam, one more lie: they denied that this could be true for fear of what would happen if she knew who General Mortimer was. They remembered the doctor at the time and were horrified by the situation, but tried to spare Keli that same martyrdom.

The story does not end there ... Months later, when she had already gotten over it, Keli was fiddling with old documents at her parents' house when she found her birth certificate. In it, the name of the doctor who gave birth bounced: General Mortimer, just the one the DNA test said was his father.

The test was done in July last year, but only now has Keli's family decided to sue the doctor and the fertility clinic. They claim at least $ 75, 000 in damages for moral damages. Bizarre, right? It's that old saying, "Don't mess with what's quiet."