Cearense realizes old dream of participating in life of the wake

A Cearense realized on Wednesday (2) an old dream: to participate, in life, of the wake itself. The ceremony brought together family, friends and onlookers at Jardim Eterno Cemetery, in the city of Camocim - about 380 km from Fortaleza. She arrived early at the funeral home for makeup and lay in a coffin, where she no longer rose.

Vera Lúcia de Araújo Silva reveals that she had to wait 14 years for the dream of participating in her wake to finally come true. "When I invited friends and family, they thought I was kidding, they didn't even care, " he said in an interview with G1.

The woman spent the whole day drinking only coconut water and tea

According to Paulo Araújo, owner of the funeral home, Vera Lucia had been looking for him for at least 5 years to hold his funeral, but his request was always denied. After much insistence, Araújo agreed to perform the ceremony and did not charge anything for the space or material used.

The guests gaped, but respected the funeral mood as if they were truly mourning. A friend of Vera Lucia even cried and asked her to 'get out of death' for a moment. According to a cemetery employee, at that moment, everyone burst out laughing when they came across the unusual scene.

In addition to the veiling, which took place from 9am to 6pm, the woman still had one last request made: to be carried for about two minutes with the casket lid lowered, as if heading toward her burial.