Son-in-law's annoyance leads Chinese to build private elevator

One gentleman lived on the top floor of a six-story building in Chongqing, China, for decades - without complaint. However, he got tired of the protests of his son-in-law, who did not enjoy climbing all the stairs, and decided to install a private elevator to the bag! Was this the height of laziness?

The man, identified only by the surname Xong, met his son-in-law's longings, probably for fear that he would abandon his daughter. After the guy moved in, he complained about the fatigue of having to walk up to the sixth floor - so much so that he got a lift just for him! Was this the height of selfishness?


Construction was made to please the complaining son-in-law

At the time of building construction, the installation of elevators was not mandatory. However, a law in the country opens loopholes for each person to build their own system, provided that, of course, it does not compromise the structure of the building and everything is done under the supervision of subject matter experts.

Xong, however, did not take these recommendations seriously and set up the elevator in his apartment anyway, just to end his son-in-law's sacking and restore peace to his apartment again. Now an investigation has been opened as to whether the system will need to be removed - something Xong too much wants not to happen, part not to lose the investment, but mostly not to have to hear his son-in-law complaining anymore.