Cheerleader breaks record with 44 somersaults in 34 seconds [video]

Mikayla Clark, a student and gymnast at Westlake High School in Atlanta, is the world's youngest inverted somersault record holder. Last month, the gymnast managed to do 44 pirouettes in just 34 seconds.

That number is more than enough to break the record for Miranda Fergurson, who was last year's 35-somersault record in 30 seconds.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the gymnast has been training since she was four years old and that she started to set the record early in the season. After his incredible accomplishment, Mikayla is to be certified and to join Guinness World Records as the person who did the most reverse somersaults in such a short time.

Check out the full video of the cheerleader achievement and see for yourself the amazing ability of the gymnast. Also worth trying to keep up with all the somersaults, just don't worry if you get lost in the account.