Chinese writes with both hands in 2 different languages ​​simultaneously

(Image source: Playback / BBC)
Writing with both hands at the same time is a skill for the few. Called ambidexterity, the ability to control both feet and both hands in equal actions makes one use both sides of the brain at the same time.

Recently, an 89-year-old lady had shown on YouTube that she could accomplish this feat, but Chinese Chen Siyuan can go even further: she writes with both hands in two different languages ​​simultaneously.

According to a BBC report, the Chinese translator is 24 years old and lives in the north of the country. Ambidexterity began to be noticed as a teenager, and today she can write a sentence in Chinese and English at the same time with both hands.

In addition, she also composes poetry using different hands to write consecutive and simultaneous sentences. For this, the translator writes vertically with one hand, while the other writes horizontally. According to the young woman, people often doubt her ability. But after seeing the ambidextrous in action, people's second reaction is to try to do the same thing, and eventually they recognize that they can't.