Chinese goes blind after 24-hour marathon playing on smartphone

A Chinese woman identified by the pseudonym Wu Xiaojing reportedly went blind in one eye in the Chinese city of Guangdong after running an uninterrupted 24-hour marathon playing the Honor of Kings game on her smartphone. Xiaojing, according to the Chinese newspaper The Paper, is 21 years old and has noticed that his vision has gone dark, disappearing suddenly while playing.

This would have happened last Sunday (1), when she was taken to hospital without being able to see with her right eye. Doctors diagnosed it with “central retinal artery occlusion, ” a condition common in the elderly but very rare in young people. She would have a 20 to 35 percent chance of seeing again normally.

I was so absorbed in the game that I forgot to eat and go to the bathroom

Xiaojing told the Chinese publication that he woke up at 6 am to start playing on weekends and had scheduled sessions all day. “I took a nap at 4 pm, then ate something and then kept playing until 1 or 2 am, ” said the young woman. "I was so absorbed in the game that I forgot to eat and go to the bathroom, " he added.

The girl is studying to enter the financial sector and commented that she became addicted to Honor of Kings earlier this year. Since then, she has spent her days off stuck to her cell phone. Doctors attributed the occlusion in his right eye to the extreme fatigue the organ was subjected to during gambling.

I always said to myself, 'this is going to be my last' round, but I just couldn't stop

After admitting that her parents had warned her of the danger of going blind playing the game, she explained that she was indeed addicted. "I always said to myself, this is going to be my last round, but I just couldn't stop, " I said.

Honor of Kings has even been taxed by a state-run Chinese newspaper of "poison" for being addicting young people and poisoning Chinese society. The game already has over 200 million players in Asia alone and is expanding to western countries.