Chinese famous for climbing buildings ends shooting his own death

Rooftopper is the person who climbs high rooftops to do maneuvers, photos and videos full of adrenaline. This was the occupation of the Chinese Wu Yongning, who, in search of another moment of adventure and also an improvement in his financial life, suffered a fall and died shortly thereafter.

Yongning, 26, agreed to climb on top of a skyscraper to compete for a cash prize. His idea was to become famous and thus help his family financially.

Unfortunately, the young adventurer and dreamer eventually plummeted from 62-story high in Changsha City, and recorded his own death. According to information released by the Telegraph, he was scaling the building with the help of a sponsor although not yet identified.

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Yongning was well known on the internet and had many followers. A former movie stuntman, he liked to do his challenges without wearing any safety gear - on his social networks there are over 300 videos showing his adventures on the heights.

His death has been reported only now, but according to his girlfriend, Yongning died on November 8. The young man sought to raise funds to take care of his mother's health, and now his family should receive support from the Chinese government.