Chinese offers $ 65 million to marry lesbian daughter

After discovering that his daughter, 33-year-old Gigi, had definitely bundled the muggles with longtime girlfriend Sean Eav, Cecil Chao decided to intervene. The Chinese tycoon went public to offer $ 65 million to anyone who can win the girl's heart.

Apparently nobles and possessions don't matter much here. "The most important thing is that he is generous and has a good heart, " said Chao, a 76-year-old playboy who has become famous in saying he has taken more than 10, 000 women to bed.

Image Source: Reproduction / South China Mourning Post

Chao makes a point of extolling his daughter's qualities as well. “Gigi is a good woman, talented and beautiful. She is devoted to her parents, is generous and does volunteer work. ”He also refuses to acknowledge Gigi's marriage - homosexual marriages are not recognized in Hong Kong - simply stating that she is“ single ”.

In addition to the dowry dowry, a push in business

But Cecil Chao's offerings go further. In addition to the $ 65 million, his future son-in-law must still get a nice boost in business, whatever it may be.

Image Source: Playback / Facebook

As the billionaire told the South China Mourning Post, the sum is an "incentive to attract someone who has talent but not capital so that he can start his own business." Chao owns Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd.

“He has a curious interpretation of me, ” says Gigi

Watching everything in the box, Gigi just doesn't seem to take his father's business very seriously. "He has a curious interpretation of me, " she told the publication, adding that she will not think much about it until a real suitor is found. “Sometimes people simply refuse to accept what is told to them. Let time be a witness. ”

Image Source: Playback / Facebook

Gigi Chao holds a degree in architecture from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and serves as executive director at her father's company. “I would like to announce that very soon I will receive a flood of followers on my Twitter account, which I never use, ” she said, predicting the unfolding of Cecil's offer.

The architect was also bombarded with friend requests on Facebook, prompting her to comment: "I'm not accepting invitations anymore, I'm sorry." As for his father, he is a well-known figure at public events, where he can usually be seen with his newest girlfriend.