Ghost Town is for sale in the United States

Looking for a place to live? There is an entire town for sale in South Dakota, United States, and it could be yours for a price lower than a home. However, it is not any municipality: it is a ghost town! That's right, the total population is zero! It is the perfect neighborhood for those who like peace and privacy.

Little Swett goes on sale for $ 250, 000 and includes 6 acres of land, a tavern, a shop, a four-bedroom house and, with luck, one or two ghosts. Stacie Montgomery posted the proposal on her Facebook, while adding that the house is reputed to be haunted.

The town, which is 160 km south of Rapid City, was founded by a farmer named Swett, and a post office was established on site in 1932. At its height, the town had a population of 40, according to NBC News.

Posted by Stacie Montgomery on Friday, June 20, 2014

By 1945, however, the county was too small to keep a post office, and when it closed, people began to move.

Last year, the city went on sale for $ 399, 000, but with few offers, the bank eventually lowered the value.

Posted by Stacie Montgomery on Friday, June 20, 2014

In an interview with a Rapid City newspaper, Montgomery says he receives requests for information on land from around the world. According to her, each has a different interest in the place: there are those who wanted to be the mayor of their own city; companies considered making a reality show in Swett; some hunters thought of a hunting lodge; and there are even interested in opening a bar. This last wish must be the easiest to fulfill, according to Montgomery, since the city was known for its bar.

Posted by Stacie Montgomery on Friday, June 20, 2014

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