Scientists create new source to improve memory

Do you know when you read the same paragraph five times until you can finally understand and remember the information - and sometimes the message still can't stick? Who is part of the academic world knows very well what it feels like.

No wonder it was a group of university researchers from the RMIT School of Design in Australia who came up with an idea to end this kind of suffering: a new font that can be applied to different types of texts with the sole purpose of make you really remember everything you read.

Its name is Sans Forgetica - in a joke with the word forget, which means "forget".

In it, principles of cognitive psychology were applied to create an effect called "desirable difficulty, " which is to make the source more difficult to read. That's what you read. By removing "chunks" of each character from the font, experts hope that the reader will have to work hard to understand, so remember each piece better.

"Sans Forgetica was the best at boosting memory because it broke just enough design principles without becoming too illegible, " said Dr. Jo Peryman, head of RMIT's Business Behavior laboratory.

The research team even suggests that the source should be tapped beyond the endless academic texts. A market list, important dates, key details of a presentation at work? All of this can be driven by using the source, according to them.

Sans Forgetica is now available on the university's website for anyone who wants to download and install it on their computer or even as a browser extension.


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Scientists create new source to improve memory via TecMundo