Scientists create technology that recreates faces from your mind

A group of scientists at Yale University have accomplished quite a feat. Using tomography equipment to analyze the brain activity patterns of various candidates, the researchers developed a machine capable of reconstructing a person's face from their memories alone.

To this end, the group displayed to six “guinea pigs” 300 different faces while doing MRI scans. Such a proposal, according to the Yale News website, in itself turned out to be a huge challenge simply because we use huge portions of the brain to process people's faces. "We perceive faces at a much greater level of detail than we perceive other things, " said Alan S. Cowen, one of the researchers.

With the help of the data obtained, however, the group was able to put together a type of statistical database that identifies how our brains respond to different faces. The result is in the image at the beginning of the story - the recreated faces are reasonably close to the originals.

Image Source: Reproduction / Yale News

A long way ahead

It must be admitted, unfortunately, that the results are still far from accurate. Cowen, however, makes it clear that it is all about increasing the system database to achieve better quality. And yet it is still necessary to give credit for the enormous advance that this represents.

Via Tecmundo