Cilada? Truckers prepare rib in truck turbine [video]

Have you ever stopped to think about a trucker's routine? These professionals spend days, sometimes even weeks, away from family, driving and transporting the food you eat or the fuel you used to fill your car's tank. The fact is that these people spend a lot of time on the road, having to bathe in public toilets every day and eat whatever is easier to do. Hard life? Not for the creative, like the truckers you'll see in the following video.

The friends gathered decided to show a different way of preparing food when on the road. They did a kind of tutorial that teaches you how to bake a rib piece in the turbine of a truck during four hours of travel. In the early moments of the video you are very likely to question the success of the idea, but we will not tell you what happens. Watch the images and then tell us what you think about this gambiarra.