Coca-Cola Unveils New Design for Cans and Bottles

Coca-Cola is a company that always strives to innovate in its communication, in addition to performing marketing actions that become true viral worldwide. Now the company is launching a new design for the packaging of its cans and bottles. The idea is to unify the Coca-Cola "family" into a single identity.

This reformulation will be done only in Spain. However, as we know the Coca-Cola retrospective and something confirmed by the company, if the change pleases, we will see the news implemented globally. Tests are common in markets located by the company. In Brazil, "Coca Zero" was tested in the Northeast before being marketed throughout the country.

The design of the new packages is based on the original brand structure and logo. Consumers will be able to identify which drink they are buying (Coke Zero, "Zero Zero", Light and Normal) from the colors, designs and descriptions at the bottom of the package. For example, Coke Light is gray in color surrounding the can.

The new cans and bottles are already being sold. So collectors, run!