With plastic seal in the mouth, dolphin is found dead by hunger

We have talked several times here at Mega that plastic waste, however small, is affecting the lives of animals around the planet. For the marine, it is common to find residues in the stomachs since the oceans are the last "dump" where human waste disposes.

Still, it is shocking to learn that fishermen have found a porpoise, a kind of dolphin, dead with a plastic seal that prevented its rostrum from opening - its "mouth" or "beak" for those who don't understand. The discovery took place last weekend in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo.


Seal prevented porpoise from eating, causing her death from malnutrition

According to the G1, experts from the Biopesca Institute analyzed the animal and noted that it was visibly thin, indicating that it died of malnutrition because it could no longer eat. Before dying, however, the porpoise also ingested various plastic wastes, which were the only things found in her stomach.

For the disposal of similar seals, it is recommended that they be cut precisely to prevent them from getting caught in bird or marine animal beaks, as this is potentially fatal.


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