Is eating armadillo good? What happens to people who eat little snot?

Disgusting as it may sound, it is not uncommon for people who, after giving that basic poke in the nose, take their fingers to their mouths to savor the trophies they have wrung from within. By the way, you may have caught a lot of children yourself - and even some dirty adults - doing this. But after all, although the habit is somewhat unpleasant, does eating the little noses hurt your health?

According to the folks at Today I Found Out, this question gave a lot to talk about last year after biochemist Scott Napper encouraged his students to ingest “armadillos” - yuck! According to the professor's theories, the immune system thus develops antibodies against pathogens present in the nostrils and snot.

Napper even suggested that this mucosity would have a sweet taste just to make the children inclined to eat their peels. However, although the idea has made headlines around the world, there is no evidence to support this theory, probably due to the lack of a significant number of volunteers willing to eat catota in the name of science. But is it really necessary to find these brave altruists?

Enjoy your food

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According to Today I Found Out, humans ingest nasal mucus all the time - day and night - anyway. This is because the secretion ends up down the throat thanks to the action of gravity or eyelashes present in the nasal mucosa that act as filters. This means that as you read this story, you will probably be swallowing a small amount of secretion.

So even though the assumption that ingesting nasal mucosities may be good for your health - and, believe me, there are scientists who support the theory - is indeed proven, as everyone is swallowing small things anyway, there is no need to poke at it. nose and eat the crap deliberately. Unless it is someone who takes special pleasure in doing so. So in that case, enjoy it!

* Posted on 12/03/2014