How to track a product in the post office?

Those who order products over the internet are often familiar with the concept of delivering their purchases. After the order is placed, orders are sorted and shipped to the destination address, usually by post office or through a carrier. However, in the meantime, there is a mechanism that greatly helps to lessen the anxiety of those who can't stand to wait for their products to arrive.

Order tracking is a way to check what stage of delivery your order is at. Through a buyer code or personal data, you can tell if the ordered goods have already been shipped, if they are in the destination city, or if they have already left for delivery to the recipient's address.

The main way of delivery in our country is through the post office. Therefore, in this article, we will show you step by step everything you need to do to track your products and orders being delivered by Post.

How to track an object

Every time you purchase a product that will be delivered by Post, your order generates a registration code. This digit, composed of 13 alphanumeric characters, is what allows the query and tracking of your order.

The posting code is divided into three parts: service code, number + check digit, and country of origin. The buyer can refer to this code through this page.

Tracing through this page can be done for single objects or multiple objects. For the latter case, just separate each code by a semicolon.

Consultation by CPF or CNPJ

If you have not received your post code, you can also make your inquiry through the CPF or CNPJ. However, searching through this data is only possible if it was informed at the time of posting.

The search is performed on the same page where we can search for post codes. Just enter the CPF and CNPJ without spaces or special characters (spaces, periods, or slashes). However, the system also requires a registration to finalize the consultation.

If you are not registered yet, registration is quick and will give you access to the Post Office system. Once it is finished, you can consult the CNPJ or the CPF for access to the last 50 objects associated with this document that have moved in the last 180 days.

How to do international tracking

A very common question related to orders is the tracking of international orders. After all, most of the products purchased over the internet, especially in stores like AliExpress, Gearbest and Bangood, are shipped from other countries, such as China. How to do the tracking in these cases?

According to the Post Office, the level of tracking information depends on the service contracted by the sender. That is, you can only really know the order details if the company that shipped the product uses a service that offers this data.

Codes that begin with the letter “R”, for example, do not offer peer-to-peer tracking. Therefore, the level of information that these orders provide is limited. Information is generally only associated with events such as: receiving in Brazil and delivery, attempting delivery or waiting for pickup at the responsible unit.

However, it is important to note that the stores themselves also offer mechanisms that help track the order purchased. Stores like AliExpress and Gearbest, for example, show on the order tracking page some statuses that may help. Other companies may also use the independent carrier service. In such cases, the code may be consulted on the website of these respective companies.

Get ready for Chinese Black Friday

Black Friday is a period of the year when the number of orders delivered by the Post Office grows a lot. But there is another day of the year when the company has to work hard: Chinese Black Friday.

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Stores like AliExpress, Gearbest and Bangood attend this event. As happens every year, incredible discounts are made available to visitors and it's really hard not to hold back and end up buying something or the other. However, if you want a specialized curatorship, stay tuned here at TecMundo. We'll be watching for the best deals to share with you!

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