What would it be like if Darth Vader needed to look for a job?

After suffering a knee injury in 2008, Belgian Michaƫl Massart was forced to exchange the sport for a new passion: photography. He couldn't imagine it, but that choice would greatly increase his self-esteem and become a great way for him to express himself.

In one of his last works, Massart envisioned how one of cinema's greatest villains, the infamous Darth Vader, and his stormtroopers' entourage would deal with hypothetical unemployment after a financial crisis hit the Intergalactic Empire. The purpose of the rehearsal, called "The Empire Against the Crisis", is to portray, from a new perspective, the characters in the successful "Star Wars" saga. Check it out:

1. Dishwasher


2. Epilator


3. Car washer

Car washer

4. Physical Education Instructor

Physical Education Instructor

5. Motoboy


6. Traffic Guard

Traffic guard

7. Bus driver and collector

bus ticket reviser

8. Accountant


9. Coach of a basketball team

basketball team

10. Conductor


11. Rockstars


12. DJs


13. Seller