How does a person become holy?

"This person is holy." We have heard this word many times throughout our lives and we can really come across people who have a life of almost perfect virtue. However, what does the Catholic Church consider to assign this title to anyone?

Initially, it is valid to know that the process of naming a saint has been around for a long time in the church, but has changed over the years. While in the early centuries of Christianity this choice was made by popular vote, in the tenth century Pope John XV developed a method for making these steps official, undergoing a new revision during the period when John Paul II led the Catholics.

St. Francis of Assisi (Source: Divine Eternal Father / Reproduction)

The steps of canonization

With the recent canonization of Santa Sister Dulce (which the whole country had the chance to follow this October), doubts about these steps may have arisen for some people. Check out each one below:

  • A local bishop should investigate the candidate's saint's life and virtues. These data must be sent to the Vatican and, from the beginning of the canonization process (ie, when the church assumes it will continue with the inquiries), the man or woman is given the title of Servant / Servant of God;
  • A group of theologians and cardinals from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints assess the documentation submitted. An approval at this stage causes the pope to proclaim this Venerable person;
  • The next step is beatification. To become a Blessed One must have at least one proven posthumous miracle;
  • When a new miracle is confirmed after the beatification, the person can be canonized as Holy or Holy (except for martyrs: those who die in the name of Jesus Christ do not necessarily need proof of a miracle to become saints).

Saint Dulce of the Poor (Source: G1 / Reproduction)

The Brazilian Saints

Brazil currently has 37 officially canonized saints by the church. See each of them below:

  • San Roque Gonzales
  • Saint Alphonsus Rodrigues and Saint John of Castille (martyrs of Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Saint Pauline of the Dying Heart of Jesus (Mother Paulina, born in Italy)
  • St. Anthony of Sant'Ana Galvao (Frei Galvao, born in Brazil)
  • São José de Anchieta (born in Portugal)
  • Saints André de Soreval, Ambrósio Francisco Ferro and 28 companions (martyrs of Cunhaú and Uruaçu)
  • Saint Dulce of the Poor